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Humanitarian Crises: Ongoing conflicts and natural disasters displacing millions of people worldwide. Calls for international cooperation and increased humanitarian aid to address these crises.
Space Exploration: Successful landing of China’s Zhurong rover on Mars, marking the country’s second successful interplanetary landing. Continued international cooperation in space exploration, with upcoming missions to the Moon and beyond.
Social and Political Movements: Continued protests and activism around the world on issues like racial justice, climate change, and women’s rights. Political and social tensions in various countries, including Peru, Iran, and Israel.
Public Health Developments: Ongoing response to the COVID-19 pandemic, with new variants and debates over booster shots. Progress in research for treatments and vaccines against other diseases, such as malaria and HIV/AIDS.
The real estate market in Dubai is looking to recover with the search for Israeli investors.
Technological Advancements: Breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, renewable energy, and space exploration. Continued development of ChatGPT and other AI language models, advancements in solar and wind power technology, and successful launch of NASA’s Artemis mission to the Moon.
Economic Uncertainty: Rising inflation and interest rates impacting global economies, leading to concerns about a potential recession. Central banks raising interest rates to combat inflation, with consequences for businesses and consumers.
Global Climate Change: Record-breaking heatwaves and wildfires in Australia, severe storms and flooding in California, highlighting the urgency of climate action. Ongoing international climate negotiations and domestic policies aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
US Supreme Court Ruling on Affirmative Action: Supreme Court hears arguments in two cases challenging affirmative action in college admissions and contracting. Potential for a landmark decision impacting racial equality in education and business.
US Midterm Elections: Democrats narrowly maintain control of the Senate, Republicans win majority in the House of Representatives. Potential for divided government impacting legislation and political discourse.
Russia-Ukraine War: Escalation in eastern Ukraine, with Russia capturing Avdiivka, its biggest gain in nine months. Ongoing international sanctions on Russia and humanitarian efforts for Ukraine.

Israeli startups will remain an essential part of the magic of technological development this year, but get to know 10 Israeli startups that have aroused the interest of men, businesses, companies, and significant investors worldwide this year 2020.

As it is every year, Israeli startups have continued research and development in the high-tech scene. Of all the happy stories that happened this year, learn about 10 Israeli startups that have garnered massive foreign investment.

10 Israeli startups – fast shipping

Israeli company CommonSense is developing technology that combines robotics and artificial intelligence to enable retailers to deliver shipments within an hour on-demand to grocery customers while maintaining profitability. The company is striving to set up small order fulfillment centers, which will combine the advantages of a local (rather than out of town) warehouse and automation, to support and enable retailers to meet the growing demand for on-demand shipments.

10 Israeli startups – saving money at the supermarket

Israeli startup Wasteless helps supermarkets reduce the amount of food they cannot sell on time through a dynamic pricing system. The solution enables consumer products to be priced according to their expiration dates so that the product whose shelf life is closer – will cost less. In this way, consumers can decide whether the “expiration date” is sufficient for them or whether they prefer to pay more for a product with a longer shelf life.

To continue developing the product, the company has raised nearly $ 2 million in investment this year, led by the Dutch fund Slingshot Ventures.

10 Israeli startups – the real estate sector

RealX, which has since changed its name to Home Hero and raised an additional $ 4.5 million), has developed a real estate platform to lower brokerage fees. The platform connects real estate sellers with buyers and assists in locating the right property until the deal’s close. The company checks and approves the assets, photocopies, and uploads them to the company’s platform. If an agreement is executed, the company charges a commission of around one percent. This is a relatively low down payment compared to real estate agents who typically charge a 2% “brokerage” fee – sometimes on either side of the transaction.

10 Israeli startups – electronic chips

Last July, a new Israeli startup called Toka was revealed to help countries create advanced electronic arrays. He has recruited a team of exciting names from the cybersecurity space and has also completed an impressive $ 12.5 Million investment round. The company’s investors include the Andreessen Horowitz Fund, Entrée Capital, Dell’s investment division, and Launch Capital.

Image processing

Jerusalem startup Lightricks, which has signed up to some of the most successful image processing applications on the AppStore, has announced a $ 60 million investment drive led by the INSIGHT VENTURES PARTNERS Fund partnership with Claltech. However, unlike most fundraisers, most of the money isn’t earmarked for development or sales efforts, and $ 45 million in the round is reserved for stock purchases from the company’s current shareholders – founders and employees.

The company is behind the professional photo-processing apps Facetune and Enlight, which have generated more than 100 million downloads worldwide, including 1 million paid subscriptions.

The 3D simulation

The Visual Estate platform enables converting any flat plan in a PDF file into a concrete visualization within minutes. To further develop the idea, I raised about $ 750,000 from Spanish Multigalaxy, SLJ, and F2capital.

The company platform Vizit does not require AutoCAD files from architects or designers; it also settles a PDF file with the apartment layout to convert it into a virtual simulation. Thus, it enables real estate companies to save time and money by working with 3D companies and dramatically increases the conversion rate in selling projects “on paper.”

Controlling the diet

The Israeli project Lumen has developed a small device that helps you know exactly what and when to eat. The company decided to use the Indigogo platform to make the vision a reality, and in less than 4 hours, it was able to raise the target amount of the required investment of $ 50,000. At the end of the campaign, they raised an investment of $ 1.89 million.

A Car Rental Revolution

The Israeli startup Weelz offers a car-sharing social platform that allows anyone to rent a car. This innovation can benefit the environment, help vehicle owners reduce costs, and allow other drivers to rent vehicles at lower prices.


The Israeli startup Genie wants to let you prepare nutritious, delicious dishes with only natural ingredients at the touch of a button, just as Nespresso did for coffee. Last April, the company announced that it had raised about $ 10 million for the purpose, led by Karl Marx Securities and private investors.

Proof of identity

Quietly, the startup Pipl has been operating from its Petah Tikva office since 2005, and until the last hiring process, it was working in the form of self-financing. The company has developed a search engine that allows anyone to get information about a specific person by entering their email address / full name/phone number or alias on social media.

Its clients, such as the BBC, Twitter, and Microsoft, use its services for various uses, including identity verification, data enrichment, employment, political security, e-commerce, and financial services.

Recent News & Activity of 10 Israeli startups have got the interest of top companies

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