Israel stands with Ukraine in the face of Russian aggression

As the conflict between Ukraine and Russia continues to escalate, one country has consistently stood by Ukraine’s side: Israel. While not directly involved in the fighting, Israel has provided much-needed assistance to Ukraine in various forms, showing its support for Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. One way that Israel has supported Ukraine is through the […]

Israel and UAE Normalization: A Vision in Economic Interests Copy

Economic Interests

Given the complementarity of long-term economic interests between Israel and the United Arab Emirates and the already deep-rooted relations, it is likely that ties will continue to grow, especially in the economic field, after the Israel and UAE Normalization. In August 2020, the United States announced the Israel and UAE Normalization, which establishes formal relations […]

Startups: How They Started and Why Are They Important Copy

الشركات الناشئة

The term “startups” refers to a specific company that is usually in the early stages of its formation or at the start of their operations. The startup usually established by an individual or several individuals who aim to create or develop specific services or products to introduce them to the market. These startups are always […]

Israel and the UAE are close to the most important tax treaty

tax treaty

Work is underway on a tax treaty that would strengthen investment relations between Israel and the UAE and could be completed within the coming weeks. The treaty is expected to help facilitate more than $ 2 billion in annual bilateral trade in the coming years between Israel and the UAE. It could grow to as […]

Comparing the startup ecosystem in the Middle East


The Middle East and Africa region include 55 startup ecosystem represented in the top 1000 rankings. The region mainly consists of developing countries and consists of 20 countries in the top 100 rankings. The leading player in the area is Israel. Regardless of Israel, which in 2020 advanced to third place in the world after […]

Science and Information Technology in Israel


Israel has become an economic powerhouse with a strong position in information technology and ranks 21 in the world in terms of per capita GDP; A recently published United Nations report ranked it 23rd for the standard of living, based on per capita income, life expectancy, and educational ideals. Much of the progress is due […]

Israeli water technology helps fight the Coronavirus


The whole world suffers from water shortage due to the time lag that elapses from order time to delivery time. The increase in demand is the result of population growth, urbanization processes, and economic growth. Delivery or supply is limited by climate change, low infrastructure development, and inappropriate business models in the water infrastructure sector. […]

Israel Startup Ecosystem Review in 2020

Ecosystem Review

The strength of the Israeli ecosystem is apparent, especially when considering its success compared to the size of its population Ranking 3rd globally, Israel has advanced one spot since 2019. Israeli’s central hub continues to be the vibrant Tel Aviv, which remains high in the global city rankings while losing one place to Beijing. However, […]

Review of the Israeli Tech Markets Report in 2020

Israeli Tech Markets Report in 2020

The Israeli Tech Review, the first comprehensive report of the Israeli High-Tech industry, providing data and insights on investments, M&A and public capital markets activities of the Israeli HighTech industry in 2020. This year provides a perfect example of why a comprehensive report is crucial to understanding the dynamics in the industry. The days where […]